Certification to Use Our Tools

Members, day pass users, or corporate associates must be certified by a tool tester to independently use tools and shops in our facility. During these one-on-one sessions, testers will review shop-specific safety rules and maintenance information before completing your certification and giving you access to book resources here at MechaSpark.

When should I sign up for tool testing?
If you have prior experience using a machine, we may be able to test you without registering for a training session. You must be able to demonstrate your proficiency on the tool to receive certification and access. Some of our more complex tools require attending a training session where you will be tested at the end of your class. This is often specific to our Digital Fabrication and CNC equipment, and all users must complete a training course through us. Computers, hand tools, and vented room equipment do not require tool testing, although we ask new users to schedule these spaces in our reservation system for use.

How do I know if I should sign up for a testing session or register for a training session?
If you are unsure if you are ready for testing, a great first step is to review the Shops and Equipment List to find out what tools you may require. Then review what training is covered by searching for the specific tool training session in our course listings. You can also email us directly to clarify if you need additional training and provide a background on your experience level for us to review.

How do I sign up for a testing session?
Using the information below, you’ll be able to request a testing session with one of our testing staff. Once you request a session, wait until you receive a confirmation email before arriving at our facility. You do not need to be a member to take a training class or sign up for a testing session. If you’re considering becoming a member, you can plan to complete everything before starting your membership.

Due to the variety and complexity of our different shops and equipment, it may take several sessions to test out on all available equipment in a given shop. Plan ahead as it may take a few weeks to schedule, complete, and pass the test to receive your certification. Our volunteer shop leads can help you navigate the testing process during their office hours if you are unsure of the process for a particular tool. Office hours also can be used to get familiar with a shop or ask questions about a project.

Once you’ve tested out on a tool, you’ll receive access through our booking system to reserve the equipment for your use. If you do not pass a testing session, you will be directed to the tool training class where you can register for further instruction.

How to use the Tool Testing Calendar

Tool Testing Appointments are listed on the calendar as tool tests and/or office hours. Office hours can be used for tool testing appointments, or to orient you to the shop, or discuss the best tools to use for a project. The calendar will come up in google calendar alongside your personal calendar (if you have one), with available testing appointment slots visible in grey. Click on a slot to select it – your name will automatically appear in the “Who” line. Press “Save” in order to save the event to your calendar and save that slot. If you do not have a google account or need any other help, please email teach@mechaspark.com, and our education department will help coordinate the scheduling for your test.