Come for our tools, stay for the community

Members of MechaSpark enjoy access to unparalleled design and fabrication facilities within a creative community – all under one big roof! Of course, there are some limitations. New members should be prepared to join a new member orientation as well as get trained or tested out on our tools before you get to work.

Rates and Schedules | Day Passes | Onboarding FAQs

Rates and Schedules

MechaSpark works to keep memberships affordable; to do so we make access available nearly “on-demand.” Purchase a membership at the level you’re most likely to put to use. For “Day Passes,” please scroll down.

Sustaining Member$50One day pass/mo,
25% class discount
Weekend Warrior$95Fri 6 PM – Mon 6 AM
Weekday$110Mon-Fri, 6 AM – 6 PM
Nights/Weekends$130Mon-Thur, 3 PM – 6 AM
Fri 6 PM – Mon 6 AM
Small Company**$35024/7

* Family Membership
Because making can be better with others, we welcome two life partners with (or without!) your well-behaved children. Each family member under 18 must always be accompanied by one or more parent; all tools are to be used by minors under careful parental supervision. Some tools and equipment are strictly off-limits to children under 18 at all times.

** Small Company Membership
Because innovation never rests, MechaSpark offers 24/7 access for two employees and five (5) day passes each month for additional users. Additional employees can be added to the company account at a rate of $130 per employee. Day pass registration fees are waived

Day Pass Packages

Day pass packages are great for short-term projects on your own or working collaboratively in our shops. Each pass is single-use and provides access during staffed hours for 24 hours from the time of redemption. Use of Day Passes requires a one-time $25 sign-up fee. For our current staffed hours, please see the hours and directions page.

*** Please note: New Day Pass users should be prepared to join a new member orientation as well as get trained or tested out on our tools before getting to work in our spaces.

MembershipCostRentals Permitted
Day Pass$20None
Day Pass 5-pack$95None
Day Pass 10-pack$180None

Monthly membership is not required to purchase day passes, and day passes do not grant membership access or benefits. Day pass packages expire 5 years after the purchase date and are non-transferable.

Onboarding FAQ

Getting up and running at MechaSpark takes a little time; with Covid-19 impacting schedules and operations, we ask you for your patience as we support your needs.