MechaSpark is the effort of decades of experience working with high school FIRST robotics teams and having to do things the hard way and continually thinking, “There has to be something better!” In 2021, the lightbulb clicked on, and the start of the makerspace effort began. With multiple local teams struggling to retain their space, have a team of knowledgeable mentor coaches, diversify their tool collections available to design and build with, or, worse yet, a combination thereof, and recognize it is a common obstacle for any hardware tech endeavor, the shared space, and equipment that a makerspace brings is able to provide the support necessary for a broad range of interests in the community. No more will creatives, engineers, and the curious be gated from making things.


MechaSpark is the gym of the mind. Just like a typical gym would have treadmills, weights of all kinds, and instructors who help people build their physique, MechaSpark has vertical mills, hand tools of all kinds, and instructors who help people build their creations. It’s a place where we want members to learn how to make stuff, actually make the stuff, and ask and answer questions from other members of the community.

Similar to a gym, MechaSpark provides easy access to really powerful tools. It is a paradigm shift from the typical hardware innovation process. It is no longer necessary to buy a $40,000 piece of equipment when it can be used as part of the MechaSpark membership because it is shared between all the members. It is no longer a decision on whether or not to start the business because of the high cost and low return on investment of these otherwise specialized pieces of equipment. If you are able to think of it, chances are you can make it at MechaSpark. If you don’t know how to make it, chances are there’s someone in the MechaSpark community who does.

Non-Profit Status

Founded in 2022, MechaSpark is a recognized 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation (EIN 88-2860960). You can view our public documents here.

Our Current Board

Jason Onoda, President and Treasurer
Kim Herzog, Vice President
Laura Ohata, Secretary

You can reach the board at

More Information

In order to bring all the classes and resources to the community, we depend on our volunteers to make it accessible. The makerspace allows us to share our passions with you. To ensure that the experience we have put together is as best as possible, we have lots of public documents available: