The hardest steps are always the first steps. To help us ensure things get started on the right foot, we’re doing presales and offering some special membership packages for you, our early supporters! The easiest way to help is through Memberships, but sponsoring equipment, corporate sponsorship, or Tool/Equipment donations are also welcome!

Standard Donation

If you’re interested in just helping out, you can donate via PayPal here. With your support, it will help to bring a much-needed makerspace to the Eastside. By helping out, you’ll enable the following:

  1. Promoting creativity and innovation: Makerspaces provide individuals with the tools, resources, and collaborative environment to explore their ideas and turn them into reality. By donating to a makerspace, individuals support the growth of creativity and innovation within their community.
  2. Encouraging skill development: Makerspaces often offer workshops, classes, and training programs where people can learn new skills such as woodworking, programming, 3D printing, and more. Donations help sustain these educational programs and allow individuals to enhance their knowledge and capabilities.
  3. Fostering community and collaboration: Makerspaces are hubs for like-minded individuals to gather, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. By donating, people contribute to the sense of community and help maintain a space where people can connect, learn from each other, and work together.
  4. Supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses: Makerspaces often serve as incubators for startups and small businesses, offering them access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Donating to a makerspace can help nurture local entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth in the community.
  5. Advancing access to technology: Makerspaces provide access to advanced tools and equipment that individuals might not have at home, such as laser cutters, CNC machines, or electronics. Donations contribute to the maintenance and acquisition of these technologies, ensuring that more people can benefit from using them.

Ultimately, donating to MechaSpark Makerspaces helps foster a culture of creativity, learning, and collaboration, benefiting both individuals and the wider community.


All memberships grant access to the makerspace during normal business hours.

Lifetime Founder’s Memberships

These provide access to the space for a lifetime and will only be available in limited quantities as we prepare to open. Once the doors open, these memberships will never be offered again! They are offered in 3 varieties: Individuals, Couples, and Family Pack. Benefits include:

  • All the Annual Founder Membership benefits
  • Lifetime access to the space for being so awesome!
  • Recognition as a Lifetime Founder’s supporter

Annual Founder’s Memberships

These provide access to the space for a full year and are only available in limited quantities as we prepare to open. These are only offered for a limited time! They are offered in 3 varieties: Individuals, Couples, and Family Pack. Benefits include:

  • All the Standard Membership benefits
  • Invite to the MechaSpark Gala
  • Invite to the grand opening celebration for Founder’s supporters
  • Recognition as a Founder’s supporter
  • Discounts on classes and other MechaSpark Makerspaces amenities

Standard Memberships

These are the basic annual memberships. They are offered in 3 varieties: Individuals, Couples, and Family Pack. Benefits include:

  • Access to the makerspace during normal business hours

Day Passes

These are for those who want to use the makerspace but on a sporadic basis. Each pass grants the user a full day’s access to the space. For the use of equipment requiring specific safety and user training, please arrange a session before you want to use your pass. 10-packs of passes are available here. Earliest Bird through Early Bird packs are limited in quantities.

Sponsor Equipment

What’s a makerspace without tools? We’re working on getting all of these pieces of equipment, but if you want to sponsor a major tool, we’ll also let everyone else know you’ve helped us in that way too!

Corporate Sponsorships

If you’re representing a company that is looking to expand your capability without having to invest, learn, and support all the equipment, a corporate sponsorship might be a great option! Let us handle the equipment, and you just focus on bringing your ideas to market.

Sponsor Level1234567
Annual Benefit$500$2,000$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000
Logo on the website as a sponsorSmallSmallMediumMediumLargeLargeX-Large
Linked LogoYYYY
Logo on website sponsor carouselYYY
General MembershipYYYYYYY
Single-use day passes2468101010
Discounts and advance notice for MechaSpark programs & eventsYYYY
Private Maker Workshop for your team*4 Hours8 Hours16 Hours
Invitation to supporter-exclusive events, including the annual MechaSpark GalaYYY
Naming rights, including naming celebration event Y
* Content, format, and location to be determined through joint planning
** Name to be in the form of “MechaSpark Makerspaces sponsored by _____”

Tools and Equipment Donations

We are happy to receive almost any tool donation! The main requirement is that all donated tools must be in good working order.

  • Build your brand loyalty by getting your tools in the hands of makers
  • Workshops will be developed around major donated tools or groups of tools (e.g. laser cutters, sewing equipment, wood shop tools, computers, etc)
  • Donors may offer presentations promoting features of their tools
  • “Donated by” signage with logo placed beside large donated tools and grouping of smaller donated tools

Depending on what is going on, we’re looking for various things to help improve the experiences for everyone! The updated list can be found here.