Sponsor Level 3 ($5,000+)


Want to just help out without any of the fuss? General sponsorships are here for you! The Level 3 sponsorship is for donors who want to contribute $5,000 or more. Thank you!



MechaSpark Makerspaces is a community-based space where people of all ages can come together to learn, create, and collaborate. We offer a variety of tools and equipment, as well as classes and workshops, to help people explore their creativity and innovation.


Your sponsorship of $5,000 will help us purchase new equipment and expand our programming. This funding would allow us to:


Purchase new equipment, such as a CNC router, 3D printer, and laser cutter.

Expand our programming to include classes and workshops on a wider range of topics, such as electronics, robotics, and woodworking.

Hire additional staff to help us manage the increased demand for our services.


This would be a great way to support our mission of providing a space for people to learn, create, and collaborate. Your sponsorship would help us to provide even more opportunities for people to explore their creativity and innovation, and would also help us to build a stronger community.

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