MechaSpark is run by a very small paid staff and a large number of dedicated volunteers. We have dozens of people with a wide range of skills and interests working hard on creating a space and community to support the work we all want to do. For many volunteers, helping is a way to give back to their community or support something important to them all while developing new skills.

Do you know your employer may match the hours you’ve volunteered for MechaSpark? It’s an easy way to multiply the impact you make to the community!

Events and Marketing Committee

The events and marketing committee plans our classes and events and ensures that our community and the general public are excited about them. They are passionate about spreading the word! They are always looking for help with:

  • Running events and classes
  • Interacting on social media and Discord
  • Inspiring makers

Volunteers and Membership Committee

The volunteers and membership committee work to onboard new members and volunteers, help resolve issues they might have, and ensures they have a great time at the space. They are excited about working with others and introducing new people to the MechaSpark community. Some assistance the committee is looking for are:

  • New member and volunteer onboarding
  • Engaging our membership
  • Finding motivated volunteers

Finance Committee

The finance committee is tasked with managing the finances of MechaSpark. They make sure that enough funds are raised and that it’s spent in the best way possible. They are on the lookout to get help with:

  • Accounting
  • Fundraising
  • Grants

Facilities Committee

The facilities committee is in charge of the space, makes sure the equipment is safely running, and that everything looks great. Although we have some great people working in this group, they can always use help with:

  • Cleaning areas
  • Tool maintenance
  • Keeping people safe