Space for Collaboration

We offer two kinds of spaces: studios and project/material storage. You must have an active monthly membership to rent space at MechaSpark.

Project & Material Storage

Project and material storage and flex space are often readily available. If you are interested, let us know by filling out the form below.

Shelf and pallet storage spaces are designed for monthly members who want a place to drop their supplies and personal tools when they’re done working in the shops. We also have rack and sheet storage available for raw materials.

Locker spaces are gym-style lockers designed for monthly members who want a bit more secure space to store their valuables at MechaSpark.

Studio Spaces

Got some kind of project that will take a while to complete, or want to set up some dedicated project space? Studio spaces will make this easy. These spaces will allow you to do what you need to do while not having to set up or break down your space every time.

Studio and Storage Rates

Space TypeCost per
Membership RequiredApprox
Shelf Space$15Any Monthly2′ x 2′ x 2′
Locker Space$25Any Monthly2.5′ H x 16″ W x
15″ D
Sheet or Long
$25Weekday, Nights/Weekends,
Pallet$60Weekday, Nights/Weekends,
40″ W x 48″ L,
or 13 sqft
Studio, 50 sqft$600Any Monthly5’x10′
Studio, 75 sqft$900Any Monthly7’x10′
Studio, 100 sqft$1,200Any Monthly10’x10′
Studio, 200 sqft$2,400Any Monthly10’x20′

In order to cancel a storage rental, we require 30 days notice. If you no longer wish to continue your rental, please contact us at